Sunday, January 4, 2015

Remember September?

Remember September?  Yep, it was a while ago!  Here's what we did:

One Sunday we took a drive.  It was cold, foggy and rainy and we had a splendid time!  We drove up and over Guardsman and started our way into Midway when I saw a small sign that said Midway Reservoir.  We turned off and found a lovely itty bitty lake.  It was pretty and I'm sure it would be even prettier with the sun shining.

We set up our car shelter, pulled out some french bread, cheese and salami and had lunch.  We have an awesome high chair now since Daphne crawled out of our other one, fell off and fractured her skull.  This new one folds up and is light and portable.  We take it everywhere!  So she had a nice place to sit.  Millie had to stay on our ground cloth because we forgot shoes for her be she loved every minute of our spur of the moment adventure.  It was really nice to be outside in nature with the time we'll remember the hot chocolate!


 The girls especially love it when Daddy's car is empty and the car run and play in it!
 Guess our picnic made us really tired!  (if you look close, Daphne is indeed asleep, you can see it in the mirror)

 Pat took a few drives on his way to film in Park City and at the Senior Leadership Conference.  These days were prettier and with the absence of yours truly he can actually drive on rocks!

If you can't tell, he really likes his car!

At the end of the month, I watched my niece and nephew while their mom and dad took a weekend trip to Vegas.  Pat had to work in St. George that weekend so we took them down and it was nice for Millie to have someone to play with.

We played Cut the Flour.  Millie, Olivia and I really enjoyed it.....I think maybe Joanne and Pat just humored us by taking a turn!

 We checked out the Children's Museum in downtown St. George - perfect thing to do on a rainy day.  It's "free" too.......though when you enter they say, it's free but we ask you to make a suggested donation of $5/person.  And then they wait for you to pay before they give you the wristbands!  Regardless, it was worth paying - sooo fun.  It is way better then the Discovery Gateway Children's Museum.  Millie still talks about going there.  It's small but it's set up so well that you can't tell.  Each room is a different theme - as you can see, there's a post office, a theater (totally cool, the kids control the music lights!) an auto shop (Pat was in heaven teaching the girls how to change a tire).  There was a music room, a science room, a sports room.  Really, I'm getting excited all over again!

That evening we headed to the Mongolian bbq place......I had Carls Jr!

On Sunday we headed home but not before stopping at Millie's favorite place to see, the St. George Temple.  She absolutely loves to come here and have picnics.

It was a fun trip and nice to have cousins to play with.

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