Sunday, August 31, 2014

Daphne Catch-up

My oh my - the months go by soooo fast.  At least I make sure to get a picture each month.  I just don't post the pics for a few months.'s 9, 10 and 11 months!

9 Months

This picture taking is getting HARD!  Daphne is all over the place, crawling off the chair, pulling the sign down.  It's a miracle I got one picture.

Daphne has two teeth.  She's an army crawler and practically professional at it.  She is so fast.  She loves to play chase.  If you say "Daphne, I'm gonna get you" she takes off.  And then she looks back to make sure you are coming.  She also likes to "chase" her big sister around the house.  We fly her around the room to chase her and she is in heaven.  She giggles and laughs a lot but it's harder to for strangers now to get her to smile.  She loves snuggling stuffed animals.

10 Months

Daphne is getting more and more teeth.  All four of her top front teeth are starting to come in and her bottom two front teeth are in.  She still has to wear her helmet this month for 23 hours a day.  She LOVES clapping.  She will clap whenever she hears someone else clap.  She also is officially crawling and is pro and that too!  She is soo fast.  She still isn't the greatest sleeper - not too consistent at naps and not consistent at sleeping all night long.  She doesn't take a pacifier, that might make a difference in her sleeping.  She eats lots of solids now - pretty much loves eating whatever she is given except grapes.  She likes to eat corn and watermelons but struggles with their textures.  She loves to play with toys and especially loves playing with her big sister.

11 Months

 Have I mentioned how hard it is to get a picture of her now?!!

 Daphne crawls on all fours and has now taken to crawling on her hands and feet.  She graduated from the helmet and not that she doesn't have to wear it she loves snuggling and rubs her head on everything.  She is a mover and a shaker.  She's into everything and we have to keep our eyes constantly on her or else she'll find herself in trouble.  She likes to swim around in the bathtub.  She loves to explore new things.  She is getting good at climbing.  She still loves her stuffed animals and she still loves to eat.....everything!  She pulls herself up on furniture and cruises around but doesn't seem to have too much interest in walking yet.  She loves to play chase still with anyone who will play with her.  She is just our playful little baby.  When I get her in the morning she gets a big grin on her face and throws herself back into her crib and rolls around playing hard to get.  She LOVES her daddy and especially loves waking him up in the morning.  She gets a HUGE grin on her face and crawls to him to give him a hug.  She gives really good hugs and has started waving.  Sadly, she still doesn't love being read to but hopefully that will change.  Still not great at sleeping through the night.  Hopefully that will change too.

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