Sunday, August 31, 2014

Kodachrome and Bryce

 We planned a little camping trip in mid-August and headed down to camp at Kodachrome Basin and do some hiking in Bryce and Escalante.  As we headed down Pat mentioned that we would maybe have better camping in Red Canyon and it's so pretty.  But years ago, we visited Kodachrome Basin and I remembered it having really nice camping so we kept going.  I remembered right.  It was seriously an awesome place to camp (if you head down, we recommend site A).  We drove up to our spot and I walked around a bush and was greeted by a picnic table and fire pit and tent site and then a big grassy commons area that had cute little cottontails hopping through it.  So we set up a horseshoe game and Daphne's kid prison (thanks Kari and Tom for letting us borrow it) and set up camp.  It was also very private we felt.  Just really a pleasant place. 

After we set up and relaxed a bit I got dinner started.  Tasty pasta, broccoli and garlic toast.  Feeding Daphne was a bit of a pain - goot get one of those portable high chairs for camping I've seen on pinterest. 

The night was a little tough.  It was a challenge to get Daphne to go to sleep.  She doesn't love sleeping in new places.  I strolled her around the campground for quite some time. She fell asleep but not long enough for me to get he in her pack and play.  So I just wrapped her in a blanket and held her for a while.  And then of course she woke in the middle of the night and it took quite some time to get her back to sleep.  Not too bad though.

We woke up, made dutch oven cinnamon rolls (really just Roads Rolls ready to bake cinnamon rolls but we baked them in the dutch oven).  Then we headed out to Bryce.  The whole way Millie was saying she didn't feel well but we never know when to believe her!  Unfortunately, when we got out to fix lunch, I pulled her out of the car and she was burning up - bah!  Some food and tylenol helped and we were able to go on our hike but out little tyke certainly wasn't her normal self.  We hiked the Bristlecone Pine Loop - very pretty but if you want to see some COOL bristlecones - head out to Great Basin National Park.  We really enjoyed Bryce, I don't know why I've never thought of it as a cool park but it really is.  Can't wait to go back.....when Millie is feeling better.

 We hiked back to our car and drove out of the park and just as we left the park the skies opened and it down poured.  It poured the day before on our way through too.  We drove back to our campsite and checked the radar - the storms totally missed Kodachrome Basin - LUCKY!!!  It was beautiful and sunny where we were.

Since Millie wasn't feeling too well we let her watched a movie on the laptop in her bed.  (Minnie-rella is her current fave)

On the other side of the of the trailer (don't think I've mentioned how much I like out having it) Daphne played with her Dad.

After a quick game of sequence we started dinner.  So - here is my question:  Have any of you really ever successfully cooked bread over a campfire?  We tried once to cooked biscuits dipped in butter and cinnamon and sugar and that didn't work at all.  We were told that we need really thick dowels to do it.   This time around I wanted to cook crescent dogs - crescent rolls wrapped around hot dogs.  I saw the picture of some and it looked like a fun camp meal - FAIL!  We couldn't get the bread to cook.  Seriously sat there for 20 minutes and it was still super doughy.  Pat thinks everyone just lies and says they do this over the campfire and take pictures of their fake food.  Not cool guys!!  Seriously though, what's the secret?

 Here's the finished product.  Yeah, I know, it looks good.  And then you bite into it and it's dough!

Here's some more pictures of Bryce - like I said so pretty.

And unfortunately, that's where the trip ends.  Millie's fever wouldn't break and Daphne was an absolute terror that night so we packed up and headed home.  Kodachrome and Escalante (specifically Calf Creek Falls) we'll get you another time.

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