Sunday, January 4, 2015


Happy Halloween!  We love the fall and Halloween at our house (as proof, it's January and Millie is already talking about what she will be for Halloween and what she will carry her candy it).  This October has been no exception!

Our ward does a great Halloween party every year and everyone dresses up!  When we moved in and found out that even adults dress up I was in Heaven! 
 Here's Millie's cute pre-school class.  Her teacher takes them around trick-or-treating to some of her neighbors and then takes them down to the street in a parade so they can wave to all the cars!  So cute.  The class was complete with Elsa (only one surprisingly), Anna, and Olaf!

On Halloween, McDonalds was doing $1.99 Happy Meals for kids in costume and since we were getting carpet in our house the whole day I figured we'd head over there for a little while.  The girls were very happy to play at the play place. 

 After a meal of Frankenstein green grapes, mummy dogs and apples and caramel we got in our costumes and started our evening of trick-or-treating.  

We met up with Pat's sister and family (They dressed up like the Wreck It Ralph crew) and trick or treated in Pat's mom's neighborhood.  Once again, Millie LOVED it.  She couldn't understand why Olivia would run with her from house to house.

 This is out of order but oh well!  A few nights before Halloween we carved pumpkins.  This was a first for Millie.  Normally she just paints a pumpkin.  I usually prefer that method myself but I really wanted to try carving Tinkerbell (saw it on Pinterest) and use a drill this year.  The drilling was very fun to do!  Millie loved all the squishy guts.

Pat, being a car guy, made check engine light pumpkin....he's quite creative.

And here's our cute Millie looking ever so adorable I must say!

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Kristen said...

It makes me so happy you dressed up as fitting for you!