Sunday, January 4, 2015

November Rain

November Rain......or snow maybe?  We sure are missing the snow but can't complain.  The warm weather has been nice.

All our leaves fell in one morning.  Really, I'm not joking.  It looked like it was snowing only.....leafing?  It was literally like 7 inches of leaves in our backyard.  The girls liked "helping" for a little while, then they just wanted to play.

Pat took a little adventure with Wade into the Needles District of Canyonlands.  I still have never been to Canyonlands but this was not a trip for me! Lots of rocks and driving on said rocks.  The hikes look pretty awesome though!

This month we also learned of Daphnes love for getting into tight spaces:

The last Wednesday in November is a free day at the zoo.  I took advantage of the warm weather, pack a lunch and invited my mom to join us.  We had a really nice time looking at the animals and having a lovely picnic, that made Millie VERY happy.  Picnics are one of her favorite things.

So you are not alarmed, no I did not allow my child to get this close to an ostrich - it is fake (Pat was very concerned at first!)

Turkey Day!!!  Here's my Drumstick Dash turnout for 2015 - the 10th annual.  Not a huge turnout (I was kind of bummed) but my awesome parents came as well as my cook cousin Kari and my neighbors who have tow daughters close in age to Millie and Daphne (love them!!).

 Since it was the 10th annual race I wanted things to be a little special.  I made drumstick candy prizes for people and I made waffles to have along with hot chocolate and apple cider.  Good times!

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Kristen said...

Of course Kari was there!! I still remember her ALWAYS running and your party looks amazing and so fun!