Thursday, June 12, 2014

The Chupa Fairy

I have never had a problem with Amelia using a pacifier.  I think I read in Baby Wise to stop using a pacifier at around six months so they don't get used to it.  What?!!!!!  That's crazy talk if you ask me.  However, in January I felt it was time to maybe cut back on the usage (24/7) and do nights and naps only.  And then my dad commented a few months later that it would really start messing up her teeth and not just her baby teeth, her permanent ones too. So, I started telling Millie about the "Chupa Fairy" (we call pacifiers - chupas (shupa)).  When Amelia was ready, she could write a letter to the chupa fairy and mail her chupas to her.  The fairy would send her a prize in return.  For several days Millie would say she was ready but back out at the last second.  Then finally one day she wanted to do it and boy was she excited.

She wrote her letter:

She placed her chupas in a box:

Can't you tell she's excited??:

And to the mail they went:

Pretty soon, the doorbell rang and Amelia went to answer it and found this:

She was in heaven:

It took about a week and now she doesn't ever ask for her chupas.  It's kind of nice to not have to remember them anymore.  The first day she said she made a mistake and that she liked her chupas more better but there was nothing we could do - we mailed them away.

The unfortunate thing about giving up the chupas - her 3 hour afternoon naps are gone.  Man, I MISS those 3 hour naps.  Now my house is NEVER clean.  Here's a shot of her at about 3:00pm - she finally gave up the ghost while watching Arthur on PBS!!

 And, since this whole story was about Millie, here's some fun shots of Daphne to be fair:

 Exciting news - she can hold her on bottle now.....kind of!

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Kristen said...

What a good idea! Ryan took Sophie's binkie away the other night but I totally caved and gave it back when she wouldn't go to sleep!!! I was so good with Carter and it was gone at 15 months and Kami never had one but I have no desire to take Sophie's! In fact she's so scared it will be gone she begs before bed and nap every time.