Thursday, June 12, 2014

The Fairy Forest

Sunday was Stake Conference.........we didn't go.  It was bad I know but we were lazy and didn't want to wrangle two kids for two hours.  Instead, we took a drive up to the Uintas to do some off-roading and to go see the Fairy Forest.  Before we went, we each painted a rock to take with us, we packed a lunch and headed out.

At mile 17 on the Mirror Lake Highway we pulled out to the side of the rode and walked through the campground, crossed a stream (or should I say forged or river?) and walked into the Fairy Forest.  It was a bit chilly on our wet toesies and it started to hail (probably because it was a Sunday!), otherwise we would have stayed quite a bit longer.  We walked around and looked at all the cool rocks people had painted and all the fun mini fairy houses.  It was really fun and we will probably go again one day when the weather is nicer and we have more time.

 Millie LOVES going on adventures with her dad!!

 The Despicable Me Minions, pretty fun.  I wonder how long before someone does a Frozen scene.  I was thinking about attempting to build Olaf the Snowman but it was a little last minute to figure it out.

 What were we thinking.  Everyone had warm clothes except Daph!!!  We're in the Uintahs!  Sorry baby.  At least I had a soft shell to wrap you in.  And your helmet keeps you warm right?

 We all though the race car was fun.

 Here's our rocks. 

 All the hiking tuckered Daphne out.  She missed a delicious lunch of cheese, summer sausage, and french bread.  MMMMMM, my favorite hiking food.

 Millie and I huddled in the car because we were quite cold until the sun came out.  Who forgot the hot chocolate??

After lunch we hopped in the car and went down a little into Murdock Basin.  Poor Pat, he wants so badly for my to like off-roading.  I try for him, but I admit, I'm terrified of rocks, and the car tipping over and basically just scratching the car - not good!

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