Thursday, June 12, 2014

Planting a Garden

 For Family Home Evening one day we decided to plant a garden.  I didn't want to plant too many things since I don't really have any experience and I can even successfully kill bamboo every time I try to keep one.  But, Amelia requested quite a few different plants and I got a good deal on them at the church/private school plant sale down the street.  So, we planted three tomato plants, a cucumber, a watermelon, cilantro, carrots seeds and pumpkin seeds.  The following week the cucumber, cilantro and watermelon were no more but we still have the tomatoes and six out of the eight pumpkin seeds sprouted and I see maybe six little carrots coming too!  It might not be the best garden but we are trying to live as sustainable a life as we can! 

Millie was so incredibly excited to plant this garden and for a while she helped me to water the plants every day too.  She has since lost interest (bummer because I could really use some help in the weeding category).  Here she is holding the extremely heavy watering can by herself!


Our successful tomato plants!

And of course, Daphne is just happy to be around and have her picture taken.  Happy gardening!!

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