Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Eight Months for Daph

Eight months came fast and Daphne has changed a ton.  She doesn't have her immediate grin anymore.  Kind of sad and when you do get he to smile, she's a treat.  She's way more wiggly.  Diaper changes are a chore now.  She rolls over to her tummy all the time and reaches for toys everywhere.  She's quite mobile, not crawling but slithering along on her belly, always moving backwards.  She has one tooth.  Her others are taking their sweet time.  Her favorite toys are soft stuffed animals.  She has a black bear from Jackson Hole that will always make her smile.  She still doesn't love being read to.  She takes two naps a day and sometimes (emphasis on sometimes) she surprises us by sleeping all the way through the night!!  She wears a helmet now to help shape her little skull.  She loves to pull the bows off of it!

These pics were a bit harder to get.  She was soo wiggly!

 This one is my favorite pic of her and unfortunately, I didn't have the chalkboard in it - bah!!

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