Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Easter Time (way over due, I know)

Well, it's taken a long time for us to put up anything about Easter so here it goes.  Easter is still one of Millie's favorite holidays because she loves egg hunts (last year I had to keep the plastic eggs out until Halloween and hide them around the house). 

Since Amelia is old enough to understand more things we worked hard to teach her more about Christ and what Easter really is about.  We had two family home evening lessons about it.  One did include an egg hunt though.  I saw online Resurrection Eggs and I thought that would be a perfect FHE so we did it.  Amelia loved hunting for the eggs.

She was also extremely upset when there were no more to find.

Easter Sunday had no shortages of hunts.  We started off the morning at our house hunting for baskets.  Millie was pretty excited to find a chocolate bunny and a magic wand in hers.

Daphne just liked the soft basket.  She didn't really care about much else.

Except maybe being held by Mormor.

After church we hustled to Honeys for an egg hunt.  We always dye tons of eggs for this hunt and the kids love it.  The little kids struggled to keep up with the big kids unfortunately.  And too bad for Millie, she was having me help her and I'm not too great and egg hunts myself!  Here's all the cousins, minus Bobby's kids in California.

After this quick egg hunt, we went straight to the Osmond's for more excitement.  We watched a Mormon message first about Easter.  This was probably my favorite part of the whole day.  Probably not for the right reasons.  The message was wonderful and all but it was what happened during the message that I liked.  We were all sitting quietly watching when all of a sudden, Millie starts saying, "Hey, hey guys, that's Jesus.  He's in the tomb.  And do you know what happens?  He goes away, but he comes back."  I felt so happy that some of the things from Family Home Evening actually sunk into her head!  After the video we had a delicious dinner and then another egg hunt.  No real eggs here, just plastic ones full of surprises.  My mom had us each bring egg filled with treats.  Then the kids went from station to station and got each of the eggs.  Here are the kids ready and waiting to be let loose -

And just a few others from the day:

Our girls love their Morfar -

Could you say this child has had a little too much excitement and maybe way too much candy??


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