Thursday, April 24, 2014

Happy Birthday Grandma Honey!!

We just celebrated Pat's mom's birthday in high school dance marathon style!  To kick things off, we all went to dinner at the Little America Cafe.  Such a nice cafe - one, I would love for my kitchen to look like it and two, just a nice atmosphere.  It wasn't dark, they didn't blast loud music everywhere so we could actually talk (oh my work, do I sound old yet?!!) and three, they had good, old, comfort food.  I stood strong and got a hamburger because I believe you can never go wrong with a hamburger, even if it is so so.  Where as, if you experiment, you could end up disappointed and I hate walking out of a restaurant disappointed (so now, I'm old and afraid to take risks!!).  It was tasty, but just so so.  Even so, I just liked eating at the cafe!

Afterwards, we just hung out at Joanne's for a bit and when the boys finally left, the girls got down to some serious business.  We chatted in the hot tub about the different shows we are watching.  It seemed an overall favorite was Parenthood.  I tried to convince everyone to check out Once Upon a Time (really, it's good) but I don't think I got any takers.  And then it was back inside for some fantastic manicures courtesy of Marianne and Whitney.  I do like those gel nails, they stay so shiny and nice.  Then we all slept on Joanne's room, good, old-fashioned sleep-over style!!  We popped in a movie, I promptly fell asleep.  

The next day was jam packed with lunch at Cafe Rio, and if our nails weren't enough, we got pedicures too.  And then some girl time shopping.  Fun day!!!!  

We love you Honey and hope you had a great birthday!

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