Thursday, March 27, 2014

Happy 7 Years

We made it passed the 7 year itch with flying colors.  To celebrate our anniversary, Pat got us a groupon to the Solamon Center in Ogden.  We did the iFly and iRock - makes us feel pretty good about ourselves because they give you a wrist band that says iRock.  Of course I do!  The Flow Rider was closed for remodeling so we get to go back at a later date for that one.  The iFly was so cool.  Wish I had pictures but they don't allow any pictures inside.  Still - way cool, but make sure to get the groupon, don't pay full-price.

Happy Anniversary to a very cool husband - here we are taking a "selfie"  Is that what they are called now?  There's four because I had to keep trying until I looked good!  This is exactly why people should do "selfies!"

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