Thursday, March 27, 2014

St. George

Funny how when you become a parent your likes and dislikes change.  I used to absolutely hate going to St. George.  We'd go down, hang out be the pool and just sit there.  Sometimes the girls would go shopping or something.  No one ever wanted to go into Zion and I just didn't like it.  Over time, I started liking more and more.  The family found a great hiking trail behind the house to explore and we then we had kids.  And one kid LOVES St. George.  She loves hunting for lizards, she loves playing at the pool, and she LOVES the splash pad.  Sad news though, the family is selling out St. George house.  So, our week in March we took advantage of one of the last times we will be able to use it and headed down.  It helps that Pat can schedule work down there so they pay for our gas!  SWEET.  

Saturday was spent at the carousal in town and then the splash pad.  Even though the water was icy, you got used to it and Millie splashed and played for about an hour.  Even Daphne got in on the action.  We had to make a quick stop by Target and Millies pants were soaked so Pat fashioned a lava lava out of her white blankie.  Perfect.  We headed back to the house and spent the afternoon at the pool.  The pool is perfect for Millie because it has a large area for kids to play in.  We had a few toys (purchase at our quick stop in Target) and we played and played until Marse called down that there were headed out to the rec center to go swimming.  So we headed in and gathered up Daphne.  Lnace was nice enough to watch her and play with her while we swam.  We got ready and went out to the Golden Corral for dinner.  Some of you might laugh but we've found that it's seriously the best place to take Millie.  First she's free.  Second - she ate like three huge plates full!  Corn on the cob, strawberries, pears, peaches, ham.  And then over and over.  Then she got her very own cotton candy stick, YUM! 

If you can't tell, the girls were exhausted and went straight to bed!

Sunday we completely forgot to bring Sunday clothes.  So, we headed out on a drive in Pat's Landcruiser to a joshua tree forest.  I ended up sitting in the back for quite a bit of it, entertaining Amelia and holding Daphne's bottle.  It was really fun though and the scenery was quite pretty. 

Pat's so happy I agreed to come on a drive with him!

 On the way back we took a detour and scouted out my brother's house that they bought to live in eventually and then stopped at the LDS temple.  Millie loves the temple, really, she loves to see it.  She we hung out on the grass and had family time and then walked around the temple grounds.

Monday Pat worked.  I loaded Amelia and Daphne into the Chariot and headed to a nearby park for the morning.  We tried out the infant carrier that our friends Katie and Van let us borrow.  Yeah, now we can use the chariot for the two of them.  Then we cleaned up and when Pat got done we headed home.

 Here is our budding photographer Millie and her skills from the back seat of the car.  Pretty good right?

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How fun! Thanks for the updates!