Thursday, March 27, 2014

Daphne is Six Month's

Wow!  6 months already.  With Amelia it went both fast and slow but more slow!  With Daphne, time is flying by and it does make me sad.  I want the time to go slower with my sweet Daph - I can tell she is going to be the optimist plus probably the peacemaker in this family.  If you just look at her a big grin shines through.  She's the happiest baby and I love it!  She is starting to talk.....lots.  And it's really loud.  She can roll over onto her tummy but then she's stuck, good thing she likes it!  Too bad all that tummy time didn't fix her flat head.  We go to physical therapy on Monday.  She recognizes me when I walk into a room.  I love it.  When I go teach group exercise and come back she gets so excited to see me.  She's incredibly ticklish.  We all love to make her laugh and it's quite easy to get her going but Amelia can do it best!  Daphne LOVES her big sister Amelia.  If Millie walks into the room, Daphne's eyes lock onto her and the biggest grin you've seen pops out!  Here she is, our six month star -

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