Thursday, April 24, 2014

A few weeks ago we got to participate in the Muscle Walk put on by the MDA.  That is the clinic that worked to help Jim during the awful year and a half he lived with ALS.  Joanne organized a team called Give ALS the Bird for Jim Rich.  Let me clarify, the "bird" is a flamingo because Pat's Aunts decorated Jim and Joanne's house once while they were gone in Mexico trying stem cell therapy, with flamingos everywhere.Pat's Aunt, Uncle and cousin worked on these awesome T-shirts for all of us to raise.  As a team, we raised about $3000 for the MDA!   

 Here's a few pics of the crew as we walked the mile around the Olympic Oval. 

Millie had a ton of fun but she was most excited when Honey finally had a free arm to pick her up.  She loves her Honey.

She also really loves her cousin Olivia, maybe next year she'll even be big enough to keep up with her a bit!

The people who organized this race did such a good job at making it fun for everyone!  We really had a fun morning honoring and remembering our Dad! 

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