Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Milie Milestones

So its been a while since we updated and there are a lot of things that are worth mentioning that have happened in the last few weeks.

Its been a big month of first for Amelia, you could say its Milie March!  Anyway, on to the show.

For Starters it was Amelia's First St. Patrick's day!

She likes it.

Not soon after she got her first trip over 2 hours away from home when we went down to St. George for a work/pleasure trip.

Which she enjoyed immensely.  While she was there she got into a swimsuit for the first time.

And she had a great time with mom and dad in the pool!

Which she enjoyed!

Also her first time on a hike with her new backback we got on for Christmas

which she didn't enjoy at first

But after she found out she could pull mom's hair...she started to enjoy!

And so did we.

And why wouldn't we?

It really was a great little time out with her.

On a more general note, Amelia started to show interest in crawling.

But she prefers standing

on a side note...she also had her first pickle...she liked that.

She also has the teeth with which to chomp on all kinds of new things...but teeth on an infant are tough to is a walk to the park instead.

Where Milie had her first on a swing...


She enjoyed Thoroughly.

The same goes for the slide

All in all...we enjoy it all.!


Kathryn said...

You guys have QUITE the darling little munchie there. <3 Love love love the updates!!

Kristen said...

Super cute stuff.

Wade and Brianna said...

YAY!!!!! I can;t believe she is standing so well! That is awesome. She is going to be one of those kids who wont crawl at all but will go straight to walking. The pictures of Anna and her are ADORABLE!!!

Dan n Ash said...

She is so cute! What are your thoughts about your Kelty pack? We're probably going to get one here pretty quick. What model do you have?