Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Sunday

I've got a few rare minutes this morning so I thought I would post a few words on this Easter weekend.   We had a little Easter basket hunt Sunday morning for Amelia's basket

She got a little book and a bunny.  She likes the bunny but not quite as much as she loves henny the hedgehog, her consummate travel buddy.

This is a great pictures to see here new teeth!  She really really likes standing too, so much so that its making her not want to crawl, but she is starting, so thats...good?

After church we went over to Anna's Aunt and Uncle's place and had delicious lamb roast, and Amelia had a good time with Henny and her new (second) book she got from Anna's uncle.  Thanks, btw.

After that we went outside for an Egg hunt. Amelia isn't as much into the hunting as she is the egg part.

It was fun to get all the kids together, Amelia loves a crowd

And her new friend Vivian, she liked Vivian so much, she thought she ought to go the extra mile to solidify the friendship with a nice back rub

"You guide me..."

We had a good time and it was nice to pause and reflect.  I'm never very Christ minded around Christmas time and its always bothered me a little, but I really had a lot of great Christ centered thinking this Easter and It was nice.  Its easy to get caught up in the politics or ceremony of the ward and forget that the whole idea is learning to turn to Christ and try to be like him.  Maybe its the addition of Amelia to the family this year that had me really pondering what He means to me, but it was refreshing.  Happy Easter Everyone.

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