Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Happy 5 Years!

Friday was our 5 year anniversary and the years have flown by!  We've been thinking about all the trips and fun things we've done over the years and it has been a lot!  No wonder the years have gone so fast.  We thought it would be fun to do a quick recap of the highlights from each year starting in 2007!

We got married in the Salt Lake Temple on Friday, March 16.  It was a beautiful March day.  The ceremony was early in the morning, then we headed over to the Joseph Smith Memorial building for a brunch and later that night had a reception at the University of Utah Alumni House.  Good friends, good food and a wedding, who could ask for anything better?!

We went on a delayed honeymoon to Norway in July.  It was the trip of a lifetime.  We took some awesome hikes, met our Norwegian relatives, tried food we've never had (and might never have again....whale?!  On a surprising note, guess who liked it and who didn't - you'd be surprised because Anna-Lisa quite enjoyed it!) and immersed ourselves in a new culture.

In October, after a few months of searching, we found a house and made an offer.  They accepted and we moved in to our very own home in Midvale, UT.

We planned out our first long road trip and spent a week camping in Yellowstone.

We were also lucky enough to get to go on a cruise (Anna's first!!) to the Mexican Riviera with the Rich family.  It was a blast to hang out with the family, swim in the pool, play the fun trivia games and see the different areas of Mexico.

We learned how to tile and tiled our master bathroom.

Pat graduated!  HIZAH!!  Pat's still not sure if he loves the life of a working adult and he misses the student perks of spring break, winter break and affordable season ski passes but he for sure doesn't miss all the school work.

Another lucky trip!  This time we went to the east coast (Pat is 5 states closer to visiting all 50 states but he's got a way's to go still, Anna's pretty close) and stayed with Anna's sister in Washington DC, drove down the coast, stayed with Anna's sister-in-law in North Carolina and continued down to Orlando to spend a week with the family at Disney World!

The year ended with a bang (literally) when Pat cheated death in September after getting struck by lightning on a scout overnighter (don't worry, they didn't spend the night!).  You can read that story here.

This was a year of trips, first to Coyote Gulch in Escalante (possibly one of the coolest trips we've done) and then a long drive up to Glacier National Park (also a contender in one of the coolest trips we've ever done).

We also continued to remodel and started redoing the basement bathroom and laundry room.

Nothing too exciting this year......HA!  We had a beautiful, little baby girl, Amelia Marie.  Pat calls her Millie, Anna calls her Amelia.  We both adore her and love to play with her lots and lots!

Pat also got a new job, one that will hopefully ensure that we stay in Utah, close to our families and the mountains and all the other things that we love about Utah!

 Here we are.....FIVE years!  We can't believe it........lots of crazy things, we both turn 30 this year (WHAT!!), we have a family, we are hoping to move to a different house (well, we're kind of looking).  

Good times, great oldies.  Thanks for putting up with this SUPER long post (if you are actually still reading) and for putting up with our blog for 5 years in the running!

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