Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day has never been a big, important thing for us.  We think there is too much emphasis on doing something huge on this day and it can be quite stressful.  That being said, we still do nice things for each other and plan a nice dinner so this is what we did!

The day before I made and decorated love bug sugar cookies for my neighbors and parents.  I haven't decorated really pretty sugar cookies for a while and I was really in the mood.

So, Tuesday during the day, I busied myself delivering these cookies to some special people in my life.


Now, for dinner........okay so now super romantic, but we had Hawaiian Haystacks.  I love them and we hadn't had them in a while so it was time.  I always pull out our china to eat off of because we don't get to use it too often.  And this year we added these beautiful pink tinted goblets from Pat's grandmother, Mootsie.  They go really nicely with my china.  

I gave Pat some candy in a cute box and it was super special because when Pat opened it, he realized that it was all the candy that he liked.  That's right, there was no chance that I was going to steal any of his candy, I practiced restraint and didn't buy any Mike and Ike's or Peachies - just Pat kind of candy, conversation hearts, Strawberry Puffs, Nerds and Haribu Raspberries (okay, so those are pretty good).  Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture or the box and then Pat put it in his bag and all the candies got mixed together, oops!  Pat got me some pretty hydrangeas (my FAVORITE!!) and a candle.  Amelia busied herself on the floor for dinner.  She was quite content with all her toys around her.

After dinner, I rented "I Don't Know How She Does It" from the Redbox and ate a yummy brownie that my mom gave us for dessert.  It was a mix that I added oil to and microwaved and viola - instant brownie.  Our thoughts, movie - DUMB, brownie - DELICIOUS!

So - CHEERS everybody, we hope you had a nice Valentines!

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