Tuesday, October 4, 2011


So this isn't the best picture I've ever taken, but its such a great picture too.  

We have been getting all of our hiking done late in the season this year, right up to the end.  To wit, the Monday Night Hike. 

For the last few Monday's we have been on a few hikes.  First to Ferguson Canyon in Big Cottonwood canyon.

Its a really pretty hike, and it goes a lot higher up that we went (baby and light constrained) but its worth doing again.

For round 2 we decided on Doughnut falls, something a little more mild that the steep hike.
I think this hike was more everyone's speed, but unfortunately it was pretty obvious that the hiking season was coming to an end.  We got up there as quick as we could and hiked reasonably quick, but the light was not on our side and it wasn't to Mason's favor, as he fell down a good 3 times..

Amelia enjoyed her hike though and the falls, though crowded, were worth the hike.

The next hike we did (see, we were hiking like crazy!) was to a romantic little spot called Bloods lake.

Okay so despite the creepy name its actually quite breaktaking.  Going the right time of year helps too.

this is a great short little hike and although a little steep, very baby friendly.

Finally, the last hike of the season, so far at least was less a hike and more a stroll, but a nice stroll.  Taner park.

(for children)

This hike was quite as challenging so it sparked a little more of my creative side.

But my favorite subject is still my Girls.

Though i did get a few good shots of Jayden.  

I like to call this one; "eatin' a a boss"

I will have more pictures in the Gallery coming soon.  The writing wasn't the greatest, but both anna and i have been pooped because of a cold that is taken a hold of milie.  Check for videos in the video player up top as well.

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Sara Lou said...

Looks like a blast! Sad we missed out but lovin' the catch up from the blog post. Also, you may want to do some research on Blood Lake...there could be a very good reason why it was officially named that! :) Bwahahaha.