Friday, October 7, 2011

First Snow.

Snow fell this week in a first of many offensive moves by a season who's time is nigh.  Twice each year an epic battle rages between the forces that shape and define Utah; Summer with its trail drying, water warming, clothing discouraging rays is now on the loosing side of a futile battle against its arch enemy, the Winter.  A lot of people consider this an invasion, a plauge on the bright sunny lives that we should have all year long to those people i say, California and Arizona still have plenty or space left.

But seriously, why the hate?  Is it because its colder and you have to wear more clothing?  Consider it an opportunity to try new fashions!

is it because the snow is such an inconvenience?  Is it...really?  There are more traffic slowing heavy rainfalls in the valley in the summer than there are days with snow on roads in the winter and once its off the roads its mesmerisingly beautiful.

And its actually quite enabling!  That's right, you can do MORE in the snow than you can without it.  don't believe me?  go into the mountains, look strait up the slope and try and climb it.  Doesn't work with all the loose rocks and the steep inclines.  but in the winter, that same slope is easily navigated.

and in the summer, once you get to the top you have to walk back down.  I mean really...WALK!  what is this the middle ages?

Winter makes me happy and I for one welcome our new temporary overlords.  For those complainers out there that think that it should be California sun 24/7/365...its all yours.

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