Friday, October 14, 2011

Goodbye summer, it was great. PHOTO CONTEST

 Well, summer is gone and Autumn (or winter) is nigh upon us.  Autumn is by far my least favorite season because it doesn't know what it wants to be; It'll snow, but then it will be sunny, but its too wet and cold to do anything fun.  MAKE UP YOUR MIND!  So to celebrate on of mine, and most peoples favorite season I decided to hold a photo contest.  Why a photo contest?  Because I like the interaction that happened last time, because I think it would be fun, because most of us don't print pictures anymore so some of the best memories and aesthetically pleasing stuff we capture gets filed away electronically and rarely gets the attention it deserves.  Mostly because every person I know has a DSLR and its about time to put it to use by entering some contests!

So, here is the deal.  There are three categories for images:

1. summer, sunsets and scenic
2. family fun in the sun
3. bye bye summer

Anyone is welcome to participate and after one week (starting Oct. 15th ending Oct.22nd) I will close submission on the pictures and put the pictures up for a you.  If you are a woot fan you will like the prize for the winners, that's right a prize!  Basically what I will do is take a bag, load it with stuff (some good, some not) staple it up and send it to the winner.  One for each category.  Don't think of it so much as a random bag of crap so much as taking a gamble with adventure!

To enter email up to 2 pictures per category to with your name, a title for your image, a brief description and what category its in.  I prefer an original source size but you can make it smaller if you need.  Photoshopping is on, just don't go nuts.  The first two categories are as follows:

1. Anything that reminds you of summer; the lake, hiking, the park.  Something pretty.  It can have people in it but the focus of this image is to show of the mood and feeling of summer more than anything else. This can be any picture from this summer (june 1st to aug. 31st, 2011) don't cheat i can tell!

2. This category is of the kids, the wife, the whole family.  BUT this one isn't a family portrait, instead more about emotion and activity.  Show me some people having fun!  not just some smiling stiffs. 

For the last one, this one is more about technique and style

3. Show me a picture that shows summer leaving or winter coming.  Fall color pics, or snowfall pics or maybe something more interpretive.  The catch here is that, unlike the first 2 categories, I will only accept pictures from the entry date to the end date (oct 15th to oct 22) so go out there, remember your composition rules and get creative!

As soon as the contest is over I will put the images up and we can vote for the winner, sure you can vote for yours, you can have friends vote for yours, be shameful its all good.  You have one week folks...get crackin'!

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