Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Just a reminder that we are about half way into the photo contest.  I have received a few pictures in the first 2 categories and they are looking great!  Thanks for those who have sent in pictures already and a reminder to those who are procrastinating that if you really want that random brown bag of adventure (and who wouldn't?!) then you need to snap to it.  Also, i had tried to use a commercial photo contest software for this and had it up for a little while but it wasn't any good so i have closed it down.  if you submitted a photo to it then it has been added to the contest.

Again, you can send me up to 2 pictures in each category via and i would prefer if they are either full size or at least 1600 pixels wide, but i will happily take what i can get.  I recommend using picasa to re-size your pictures if you need to to email them, its free and easy.

On a semi related note, if you are interesting in learning a little more about picasa and picasaweb i put together a hasty and poorly orgnaized video tutorial on how to use it.  Click here to check it out.

EDIT:  the address only accepts email messages 10 MB or less.  if your emails aren't getting through try sending the pictures one at a time.

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The Nielsen Family said...

Hey Friends, love the idea of the photo contest. Too bad, it hasn't snowed here yet. :) We barely got into cooler weather.

Anyway, Anna in response to your comment on my blog. I don't do anything crazy. I just make sure when I go the grocery store I have 3-4 meals planned out so that I get EVERYTHING I need. If you don't have the ingredients in your house that you need for the meals you want to eat, it's just frustrating come meal time. And if you are struggling with what to make, that's what's so awesome these days it's so easy to find yummy meals on line. There are tons of food blogs or I have recently found yummy looking stuff on Pinterest. BUT I am also not a picky eater so it isn't hard for me to find stuff I like. Also, it is easy for me to do dinner because for the most part I enjoy cooking, if I didn't it would be harder. But honestly, if you are prepared with a meal plan that will take a lot of dread out of dinner. When you wake up and you know what you are having and that you have everything you need then you know if you need to get meat out to thaw or if there is any advanced prep work you can do so that the dinner hour isn't as stressful. So these are just a few thoughts. Happy cooking! :)