Friday, September 16, 2011

Random Stuff

I was searching my images for some pictures to print and i stumbled upon a few pictures that I thought would be fun to post.

What a Difference a few years makes.  The top picture was taken by Anna (we were dating)

I didn't realize this picture was funny until just recently.

Dave Barry used to say that small dogs are basically "urine soaked cotton-balls with legs"  oh Toby.

This is what Scott and I used to do before we could afford to ski.  I landed that backflip BTW.

A classic.  Good ol' mission times,

Ben Made this for me, its called "mongo"

This is a poster I made for Rich after he got a concussion trying a backflip on a jump that was too small for him after this epic per-season ski.

This is my first attempt at a backflip.

This is Fudgee, that is all.

This is pretty our our first date, long ago.

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The Nielsen Family said...

So fun to get caught up on your guys' blog! Your little girl is so precious! And Pat, the two pics of your fam at the beginning of this blog was so fun to see. You're not kidding how much difference a few years can make. I can't believe how much Ben added to his family! Also, way to go guys for still doing the things you love to do even with a baby in tow.