Thursday, July 14, 2011

who likes snow cones?

Um...I do.

Okay, lets go get you a snowcone.

Ah, that's better.

now how about a snuggle?

Great!  now its time for mom's snowcone!

Passionfruit.  With extra...passion!

No...we didn't really get Amelia a snowcone, she didn't like any of the flavors.


Melanie Herway said... too! I should have gotten one of those when I was out there. Darn.

Kristen said...

Oh dang, now I want one too! Amelia is a doll and I love the little raised hand. Oh and Anna, you look freaking amazing!

Kathryn said...

Um... I do. that picture is so awesome! She is so precious I just love her!! <3. what a fun family outing post.

wadeandbrianna said...

Okay you two have got to stop being so stinking cute....j/k lol I love the first picture with her hand raised. SO cute.