Tuesday, July 19, 2011

New Camera, New Blog

So I finally got a new camera, i have been wanting one for a while. Its
a Panasonic GH2, not as well known as the Canon Rebel T2i or the Nikon
D90 like most people get and it was a pain to find, but I'm really
liking it. On a related note, i started a blog about digital imagery.
Its actually only related in the sense that I have been thinking about
doing it for a while and the Camera purchase gave me the impetus to go
ahead and do it. Its mostly a collection of my thoughts about digital
imagery and content creation for my benefit though it is for the benefit
of any and all. If you know me you know that I can go to town and back
and back again when it comes to talking about this stuff and hopefully
this will give me an outlet other than your ear, so when i say it
benefits any and all...I mean it. Anyway, its called TheBitMap and you
can link to it here or in the blog roll list to the side. Also, don't
forget to visit Anna's cookie project blog, and my outdoor blog, the UtahRiderCoalition. That
is all.

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