Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The holidays

No, not Christmas, the July holidays.  Yes, its been a while since i updated the blog.  So, here is where we left off.

Here we are at Kari and Toms for Harold and Rene's birthday dinner.  Sorry Kari, i will get you these pictures right now.

So, on to the 24th.

We had the J.E.M.C.O. reunion over the 24th, powered by Ben and his generation and it was a lot of fun.

Here is the traditional pioneer day moose, who showed up just before the flag ceremony.

  Just like a moose to be early.
Here are my girls, enjoying the nice mild bear lake weather.  Looking good!
after the opening ceremonies we held the "special Olympics".  Pretty much anytime we do something like this its pretty "special." For example, Here is the garbage can that Will took out trying to get to the water.
Look at the video up above for some good laughs.  
Amelia and Mom were very proud of their dad's effort in the special olympics relay, if only because he didn't die.  Sadly no pictures or video was taken of me flying sideways off the side of the sea wall after hitting the kayak trying to get to the lake.  It was a leap of doom, and it will only live in our memories, everyone except mine...i don't seem to remember it well.
Here is the cabin, look at that water!  Right up against the sea wall.  It hasn't been like this for over a decade and it really is fun.  Thanks for the rain and snow!
now for a little kid time.  Here is Coby, Corbin, Jayden, And Mason chilling on the rocks.
Hi Lue!  Can you hear me?
and finally a little nap time.  Ahhh.

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Mama Jo said...

Fun pictures! I didn't see where to click on the video, however! Love that cute little Millie!