Sunday, June 13, 2010

Summer So Far

Well - Pat and I have had a busy summer so far (that says something since it is officially not summer for a few more days!).  But my vacation has been quite full.  The first day of my vacation was spent cleaning out the PE closet at school.  Then I met Joseph, my brother and his wife and my dad for a game of Frisbee golf at a park.  That evening Pat and I went to our last ballroom dance lesson - I hope we don't forget everything we learned!  At the end of class, I got a frantic phone call from a fellow teacher.  They needed a last minute sub to chaperone the senior trip that left the next morning.  I figured - I don't have anything else I need to be doing so, why not.  So I quickly packed my bags and left at 8:00 the next morning to go on a 3 day river trip down the Colorado.  It was fun - but the rapids aren't too exciting.  

Since the following weekend was Memorial day weekend, I called Pat and told him to meet me in Moab for some camping and hiking.  We camped in a site called Kane Springs campground.  If you end up in Moab with no place to camp - you'll always get a spot here.  It's just a big empty field and you can set up wherever you like.  

Saturday we had a lazy morning and then we drove out to Klondike Bluffs.  Now - if any of you read our last blog about camping in Moab (click here) then you will know that our mountain bike experience didn't turn out too great.  Well this one was totally awesome.  Once I got over the cattle guard (serious fear of the cattle guard) I could actually ride and I only got off my bike to walk it a few times.  And the weather was absolutely PERFECT!!

Sunday we found a beautiful hike called Negro Bill Canyon, or as our friend Scott refers to it, Nizzle Bizzle Canyon.  We recommend this hike to anyone in the Moab area.  It's super easy and not too long either.  And, lot's of the hike is in the shade so it's not too hot.  At the top there is a bridge called Morning Glory Bridge.  Some people were repelling down, it's the end of a slot canyon called Medevil Chambor.  Next time we're in Moab we are going do that one.

Later we found a nice park and practiced slack-lining.  If you haven't already seen - there's a movie of me attempting to slack line above.  That night we had dinner and roasted marshmallows with our friends Dustin, Lisa and Scott.  Moab always has goods times!

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