Sunday, November 23, 2008

Mishaps in Moab

Pat and I have been planning a trip to Moab for a couple of months and it finally came. We had a great time and both of us kept commenting on how nice it was to go someplace new. The drive to Moab was pleasant because neither of us had been there for several years so everything was new. When we got to Wellington (just passed Price) I made a comment that my brother Joseph made several years ago that there are only three cops in town and they're always out. We laughed as we passed the police station - sure enough there were three cops there. Of course, none of them were out and that was a bit odd.

We camped at Sand Flats Recreation area. It was really nice and just the right price - only $10/night, compared to Arches $20/night. Of course, we got what we paid for. There was no water and no roof or door on the vault toilets.

We got there at n
ight and enjoyed the night sky. It was absolutely amazing. We took some pictures and I think we did a pretty good job at capturing the stars. You'll have to click on the photo album to really see the cool ones.

On Saturday we got up and went in search of a hike that I discovered my freshman year of college with some friends. It was an accident when we found it then. I was following directions out of a guide book but never really found the correct place. I went back a few years later with my brother and found the hike with no problems but this time, I got that guide book again and I tried to use the same directions in order to get lost! The problem was, I couldn't get lost, I kept going to the place the book described. After an hour, we found the correct hike. It was a blast, but a lot more bushwhacking than I remembered.

I promised Pat that I would attempt mountain biking on this trip. I was even kind of excited. Pat had two options to choose from, Klondike B
luffs or the practice loop at Slick Rock. He chose the latter. I'm not sure how Pat didn't realize in all the years that we've known each other (which is A LOT!) that I don't mountain bike and that I am terrified of rocks but none-the-less, he chose the practice loop. For those of you who are not familiar, the practice loop is just Slick Rock but you turn around in the middle. We made it through the gate (which I got off my bike and walked through) before I broke down and we had to stop. So everyone, I have done Slick Rock, only it's the really abbreviated practice loop.

We do have
some sad news to report. When we returned to our campsite we found that our campstove was taken. Yes, our camp stove and only our campstove, not even the fuel that was sitting next to it. Fortunately, Pat had the foresight to pack a backup with my Pocketrocket, it's a great little stove. You can see a video soon down at the bottom of the blog of our dinner cooking that night.

My favorite part was stopping in Arches. This is this little girl's first rock climbing experience. Her mom stopped right in front of our camera to let us know. She thought her little girl was just so cute and you know, we did too so we just had to get a picture of her! That truly was the highlight of the trip! Too bad we didn't get a picture of us!

This last picture is when we were once again trying to get a picture of
just me and Pat. Our camera has this really neat setting where on timer, the camera will take three shots. That way, you will hopefully get at least one good picture. Well, I lost count of how many pictures the camera took until it was too late. Luckily, we did get one good one before my shenanigans!

Anyway, Moab is awesome and we
can't wait to go back again to try out Klondike Bluffs and cook some great dinners with our new camp stove (hint hint to anyone who might be interested!)


Melanie Herway said...

Has it really been "several" years. That seems crazy. I can't believe you found that same hike. Course I didn't do it because somehow me and Meaghan got on a different path. I love Moab. When Jake and I first got married Jake talked about Moab being a family tradition...we've never been together. Hopefully someday.

Kathryn said...

fun adventures!!!! and I loved the pic of you running to the camera! :0) oh, and I'm sorry about your camp stove!

Logan and Emily said...

you guys are so cool! I love seeing what you're up too! I'm sorry about your stove...that's so lame. I hate thiefy people. Any chance you guys want to come share your coolness with us in Seattle?

David and Megan said...

I wish I had your name for Christmas year. Let's see, you need a new campstove and a park pass! Sarah isn't that easy!

The Young's said...

You two are so adventurous! I love it! I think I have been camping once in my life!

Stapes said...

Looks so fun! We miss Southern Utah!

The Nielsen Family said...

Really cool pictures guys. I can't believe how well the pictures of the stars turned out. The thing I miss most in UT is all the great recreation. I did the Slick Rock practive loop a few years back and ended up getting heat exhaustion, throwing up in the bushes, and crying while walking my bike out of the loop. That is not any easy trail!