Sunday, June 13, 2010

Spring in the Desert

Well - technically the title of the post is correct, it's still spring and we did go on a vacation to the desert - Palm Springs/Desert.  But in reality, summer was in full force.  It was 102-108 degrees and like a million degrees in the shade.  It was a Rich Family vacation full of well, hanging out at the pool since that was the only pleasant place to hang out!

I had only heard of Palm Springs from my students who go down a lot in the winter for tennis tournaments and from my brother who might have been stationed at 29 Palms Marine Base and wasn't too excited about it.  But, it is a beautiful place to visit.  Plants that grow in the desert have to be the prettiest things EVER.  They have such bright colors.  And, the resort we stayed at was really nice.  There were lots of cottontail rabbits and jack rabbits hopping all over the place.  They're quick little things but I almost caught one.

The resort is situated on a golf course and most of the boys in the family decided to brave the elements and go golfing.  The 15th hole was right behind our room so we got to see them hit.  
Here are a few shots:

Pat, Bobby and I decided to brave the elements in our own way - at the Knott's Soak City.  I was pretty excited about going to the water park.  Pat and I LOVE water parks, what better way to cool off?!  I was really excited about this one because it is affiliated with Knott's Berry Farm so it had to be awesome.  It was fun, but not Knott's Berry Farm caliber - just your classic Raging Water's style park.  None-the-less, quite fun in the long run.

We also spent the time coloring with nieces and nephews, fixing yummy dinners, playing tennis and celebrating Pat's 28th birthday!  After the cupcakes, Jim became entranced by some milk, food coloring and dish soap.  He stared at this dish for about 15 minutes!

Palm Springs was lot's of fun - thanks Jim and Joanne for inviting us all down there!

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Dan n Ash said...

Were there tons of old people down there??? Dan would have loved to go and enjoyed the golf with the guys! Looks like you're having a nice summer so far!