Monday, June 14, 2010

Give a Day, Get a Day

This year Disney advertised "Give a Day, Get a Day."  If you signed up to do a day of service, they would give you free Disneyland/world tickets.  I jumped on that one and Pat and I made 4 pillow cases.  In return, we got to go to Disneyland.  Since we were already down in Palm Springs, we made the two hour drive over to Anaheim, got a hotel (LOVE Anaheim, since there are so many hotels, it's super cheap even for a nice hotel!) and spent a day on Disney.  Actually, it wasn't entirely on Disney, we paid $25/ticket so that we could go to both California Adventure and Disneyland.  Completely worth it.

It was the first time either of us had been to California Adventure.  It was a lot of fun though not as exciting as I was thinking it was.  I thought it was more like 6 Flags.  It had a few BIG rides, my favorite was Tower of Terror and the River Ride (which would have been perfect if it was a bit warmer).  Soarin' was also REALLY neat.  

After a couple hours there we went outside the gates to look for Jack's (my nephew) brick.  Luckily, you can look up specific numbers at a desk, otherwise, it would have taken maybe 8 years to find his brick.  My brother and sister-in-law got this brick for him since they all really liked going to Disneyland together.  

Then, on to Disneyland.  It was so fun and definately not crowded.  Completely opposite of our trip to Disneyworld last year - no crowds, overcast and pleasant temperature.  The longest we waited in line was for Space Mountain but really, it's worth it.  The shortest we waited in line was for Star Tours and for Captain Eo - a Tribute.  But really, we had to go see that.  I never had seen it because as a child, we always went to Disneyworld not land.  It's a bit dumb and TOTALLY 80's, but I guess that fits with all the 80's trends now right?  

I always give a thanks to the providers of the vacation - so thanks to Disneyland for giving us tickets to your park!  We had a blast.

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Melanie Herway said...

You're sure making the most of your summer vacation. I love it! What's next?