Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Winter Time at Bear Lake

The first weekend in January, Pat's cousin Richie invited us up to Bear Lake to hang out with friends. What a blast! Saturday we headed up the canyon to do some skiing - it was a long trek up. Pat and I are the only ones who actually hiked the whole thing. Everyone else was lucky enough to get snowmobile rides up. Then, we found a fun place to ski down - there wasn't too much new snow but it was still good snow. We only wish we could have done it again!

Saturday afternoon Richie had to fulfill a long overdue promise (click to see) to our friend Dustin. That was - he had to fully submerse himself into the frozen Bear Lake. After a long time trying to crack the ice, a hole was finally big enough for Richie. Now, Richie not only went through with this totally ridiculous notion (click to see), but he did it TWICE! That's right, TWICE, because his hand didn't got completely under (click to see). Needless to say, Richie did not step outside again for the evening.

Later that night, most of us (nope, not Richie) went back out to the lake to launch bottle rockets under the ice and send off fireworks over the lake. The bottle rockets under the ice was pretty neat, they would shake the ice all around.

Thanks Richie for a fun weekend!

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JP said...

omgosh, is richie wearing a squaredo?! i hope pat caught that on tape!