Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Island Park

Martin Luther King Weekend we were able to go up to Island Park with our friends Wade and Bri. Wade's Grandmother has a cabin up there. It was beautiful weather - sunny and warm. We spent the days out in the snow and the nights playing games. It was a weekend of good fun, good times and great oldies.

On Saturday, we spent the morning driving around looking for ski-able terrain for the boys. Finally we stopped at a snowmobile rental place and they told us, potty-mouth and all, that the snow was altogether way too dangerous to ski in. Plus, there was no place to go unless we had snowmobiles. So in the afternoon the boys made the wise decision to stay on the golf course and do some beacon training. We all took a turn hiding a pack and looking for it with beacons. (click on picture for a video)

After this, the real fun was to be had. Pat and Wade came up with the idea to have the Olympic Games - perfect! I LOVE the Olympics, and they're coming up really soon! Here are the results:
Team China
Team Russia
Team Argentina
Team USA

In the Javelin - we had a male and female event. For the men, Team Russia won gold. Team USA took the gold for the women.

Then we moved on to the long jump. Overall, Team China took the gold (I think).

In the 50 meter snow dash with pushing USA triumphed again (USA and Argentina did get a 4 second head start though).

The last event took some imagination. We all know that curling is an Olympic event....but what is it really. Our interpretation was to balance huge blocks of snow on our shovels and run to the finish. It was a relay - USA teamed up with China (yep it's true, USA and China really do get along!) and Argentina pared up with Russia. Argentina and Russia won, hands down!

Overall - it was a wonderful Olympics.

We also took off on a snowmobile path toward Henry's Fork...we did not make it. WAY TOO FAR! But we skinned and snowshoe-ed and enjoyed the outdoors.

Island Park - Highly Recommended.
Watching the Winter Olympics - Even higher - it's a must see!

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