Friday, January 15, 2010

Basketball Mania

This year I did a first - I coached a basketball team! No, not the actual high school team (they get people who know how to play basketball to do that!). I coached the 6th grade girls team and it was sooo fun! I absolutely loved it - I think even more than coaching tennis! The girls were so much fun (I think I've mentioned before how I LOVE the 6th graders this year and how I want to take each one of them home with me!).

My ultimate goal was to teach these girls a lay-up because they were really get at stealing the ball and making a fast break down the court. Getting it up into the basket was a different story. The ball usually just fumbled off their hands and rolled out of the court! But, they understood the idea and bless their hearts, really tried hard. In fact, though we only took 5th place out of 8, all the games were very close, often we were in the lead the whole game and then the opposing team would make two baskets in the last 45 seconds or so.

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Melanie Herway said...

Way to go Anna! I'm so proud of you! What's next? Soccer?