Friday, January 1, 2010

Merry Christmas to all and to all a Good Night!

Well, once again, Christmas has come and gone. Each year it seems to go by faster and it amazes me that I used to start counting down to Christmas in October! Now it just sneaks up on me.

Our Christmas was fantastic and busy as usual. With ou
r parents living so close to each other, we get the blessing of being able to visit with both families on Christmas day but we also have the time crunch of visiting both families on Christmas day.

Our Christmas traditions start on Dec. 23 when the Rich family gets together for Christmas "Adam." (I know, it took me a while to figure this out - Adam came before Eve so we have Christmas Adam before Christmas Eve.) This is our Christmas Eve celebration.

My assignment for this dinner was to bring frosted sugar cookies, YUM! I worked really hard on these to make them pretty but was a little disappointed in the red food coloring. I got Wilton no taste red but it never got quite red, just a dark pink.

We give brothers, sisters, and parents their gifts. Our big project this year was to make Jim and my dad Cornhole games with Ben, Whitney, Marianne and Lance. Joseph and Kathryn also helped out by getting official material to make the beanbags. With that being said, it's a beanbag toss game that is really popular in Ohio - and for once, the midwest is right, it's REALLY fun!
Here are our niece and nephews dressed up for the Nativity story. As a child, I really only remember dressing up for this once, so I really enjoy it now....I kind of wanted to be the angel but we didn't have one.

We got a griddle for camping and a cool Norway skiing poster that we can't wait to put up from Coby and Tiffany. And Joanne always gives us PJ's to wear on Christmas morning but this year there was a twist. The boys got remote control cars instead....Pat and Bobby found a great way to entertain by playing pool with the cars.

Next came Chr
istmas Eve, spent with the Osmond/Olafsson clan - the second best meal of the year in my opinion! It's tradition to have kjotttkaker, mashed potatoes, homemade rolls and of course, kalerabe (no idea how to spell). We're all just glad that ribbe made it off the menu! To end the meal we had riskrem (rice pudding) with an almond hidden in it. Whoever finds the almonds gets a chocolate santa, Tom and Sis. Madsen got it.

Christmas Eve soon came to an end, time for sleep and Christmas Morning. Pat and I opened our presents to each other in the morning. Pat got a backcountry ski themed Christmas, I got a nice thick yoga mat, a ball hopper and much ot
her fun things. Then we hustled over to my parents for breakfast (the best meal of the year...period). We gave my dad his cornhole game and played a few rounds then hurried over to the Riches for Christmas brunch and presents from Santa. Pat and I got a springbar tent from huh?! After this, we went back to my parents to open presents there - fun stuff!

Both our parents are so fun and really work hard to make Christmas fun and memorable. We are glad to live so close to each of them. Well, that's it for this fantastic first day of 2010.

Happy New Year!

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Logan and Emily said...

AHHH! I want to play Killer Bunnies with yoU! I don't know anyone else that's heard of it! So fun! I almost cried over the moose, but I was so afraid of offending everyone that I sucked it up and ate it. Poor little moose. I hope you guys have a great year! P.S. I thought your cookies looked AMAZING! I find that the wilton's gel paste works the best for Red.