Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Ankle Sprains and Taping

Sunday evening after leaving the Riches house, I sprained my ankle. I haven't sprained my ankle in years, even with teaching step, zumba and just plain running around. Everyone asks me how I sprained it, and I'm really not sure how (I think that is when people injure themselves, if they see the fall coming, then they are prepared to take the brunt. It's the falls that sneak up on you that cause problems). All I do know is, ham went flying and I took out a wicker deer.

The main point of this story is that though I sprained it, I still need to exercise. Luckily it was a minor sprain so today I headed for the gym. But first, I taped my ankle. Those of you who know how to tape ankles might appreciate that I did it by myself and I did a really good job - better even then when I tape other people's ankles - no wrinkles and my heel locks looked great. (I guess my college education paid off!) I was so proud of myself that I took pictures (I know, I'm totally bragging but I just can't help it.)

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