Monday, July 20, 2009

The Subway

After three years of signing up for the Subway lottery in Zion National Park, we finally got permits. I hesitate to say this (though I think the secret is pretty much out now), the Subway is probably the most beautiful thing in Zion (and I've seen a lot of the park). Only in the Subway do you see the vibrant colors that can exist in this desert. We went down with some of our friends, and my dad and some of his dentist buddies.

To start, the hike just goes through desert and slickrock for about 2 miles until dropping down into the subway. Here is a picture of the girls on the trip - Ranelle, Me and Lisa.

Dr. Heaton and Mike make this hike look completely grueling and intense but really, it's not that bad! Sure, it's a long hike (about 7 hours) and it's about 108 degrees but any time you are hot, you can just jump in the water.

Here is the actual Subway. I haven't seen anything quite like it. The water is a beautiful blue color and extremely clear and the rocks are carved out so that the bottom is round and a subway train could fit through it.This is the best picture that we took. I don't know how my dad gets into these situations.
You can check out the rest of the pictures over on the side in our photo album that I figured out how to put up ALL by myself!

Oh, if you haven't seen enough subway, here's a video clip of me trying to catch a frog. I'm not very good at it because I always freak out but Lisa is awesome at catching them.


Melanie Herway said...

Ok, I really, really, really, really...REALLY...want to go.

JP said...

I hiked the Subway last year. It was so fun - LOVED it!

Logan and Emily said...

wow! it's really beautiful! I've never been but always wanted to!

Lisa said...

I love frogs! What a great hike. We had a blast. Thanks for inviting us you guys!