Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Slip 'n Slide Madness

Last Saturday we had a great afternoon at Flat Iron Park with friends doing a slip 'n slide. Our friend Scott organized the whole adventure so props to him.

Everyone was extremely creative in going down the hill but truthfully, it's just as fun to slide down on your bum or stomach (and probably a lot less painful, though I did come out with some significant bruises)!

Flat Iron hill is so steep that once you get started on a downward path, there
is absolutely no way you can stop. It also helps to add soap to the tarp and to your body. Then you get going REALLY fast!

Here's Dustin after he won the farthest traveled off the tarp contest. He certainly covered a lot of distance and he was quite proud of himself!

Pat's brother bobby had a great
time....we're not so sure Sara had as much fun!

We're glad the weather held out for all the fun and we can't wait for another go at the hill! Anyone's welcome when we do it again....only this time there's one rule - no jeans because the buttons tear holes in the tarp!

Thanks again to our friends Scott and Johnny for the good times!

Here is a video Anna shot of the madness