Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Mt. Superior

On Monday, I got to go hiking with my dad, Megan, David and their son Benjamin. I almost didn't go but decided to hike at the last minute. I am so glad I did because Mt. Superior has got to be one of the prettiest hikes in the Wasatch! The wildflowers were gorgeous and blooming everywhere. It is a nice hike because it isn't super steep like some hikes along the Wasatch front.

I will warn anyone who hikes it though
- after the saddle the hike becomes a bit sketchy. Props to my 8 year old nephew, who despite wanting to turn around, also really wanted to make it to the top! He made it! Also, if you do choose to do this hike - there are about 8 billion false summits! Okay, so maybe only 3 but I felt so bad after each one because I would say "oh, that must be the top Benjamin. We only have about 10 more minutes." And then I had to say, "sorry, but it looks like another 10 minutes" over and over again! It's definately worth the hike though and I can't wait to take Pat on it. We might even make the trek over to Monte Cristo while we are up there.
Happy Hiking Everyone!

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JP said...

Hey anna, great seeing you again yesterday! So, here's a quick and dirty how-to in adding the picnic basket to your list. If you scroll down to the bottom of your blogger home page, there should be an "add" button. Just type the url and presto, it should automatically bring up all the newest posts. Very easy :)