Sunday, June 14, 2009

Happy 90th

Mormor just had her 90th birthday on Thursday! I joined the Olafsson's and we took her out for lunch. Later that day, I went to her house to see all the beautiful flowers she received. To everyone who gave her some - she loved them! She was just beaming and she wanted my to take pictures of them. Unfortunately, ass we had was Pat's phone, so these pictures are coming from a cell phone. The flowers look much prettier in real life, but you at leats get to see a little bit what the flowers look like.

Here are the pictures from the Olafsson family in Bergen. Mormor was so happy to get these and to read the note. She was so pleased it was in Norwegian and was very proud of the people at the flower shop for getting the spelling right.

Here are the flowers from Megan Hoopes and her family. These are beautiful and they came in a gorgeous vase.

Here are the flowers from the grandkids here in Utah - they were all in one big vase but Mormor didn't like them all squooshed so she quickly transfered them into not two but four vases that are spread out throughout her house. Oh well, at least she can enjoy these flowers in every room she goes into!

Happy 90th Mormor, We love you!

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