Thursday, June 11, 2009

Air Show

Hill Air Force Base finally did another air show. Pat and I went to an air show about three years ago and I've been checking each year to go again and they finally did another one this year. We went with our friends Lisa and Dustin, Scott, and Johnny. The place was packed.

After we parked, we took the 20 minute walk into the venue, lugging chairs and a backpack full of food. We were a bit nervous because we packed a cheese slicer for our cheese and we didn't want the guards to take it away because it was a weapon. We walked through the metal detectors where EVERYONE was beeping but I think they decided that checking everyone's bags was just too daunting. They just had us continue on our way. People could have lugged anything into that airshow.

The best part of an air show is, everyone has a great seat because it's all up in the air. Pat liked the jets but he was really disappointed because we missed the B2 fly by. I was kind of sad too because Pat said a B2 is a stealth bomber so it's really quiet, I'd like to see it fly. Everything else was incredibly loud. I loved watching the prop planes do their tricks, especially when they would fly straight up, stall their engines and free fall toward the ground.

We watched a C17 do a demonstration. It is a carrier plane and it's really big. (I think this is the plane my family took on a hop to Hawaii but I'm not sure.) It was pretty amazing because it can stop on a dime. Well, not really but pretty close. When it demonstrated its stopping power, everyone started clapping. Then, it was time for the F18 jets to come out. I think they are called the Hornets, regardless, they are Navy planes so I was proud of them because my brother's in the Navy. The jet flew by so fast ans so low that everyone jumped and covered their ears. I kept my plugged for the whole demonstration. I don't have any pictures of these planes because Pat had the camera and was waiting in line to see the cockpit of a B1, too bad the line was over an hour long. He didn't get to see it.

And of course, we couldn't talk about an air show without including some shots of white-trashiness. No, it wasn't a white-trash festival all over the place but we had to get a picture of this.

The highlight of the show was the Thunderbirds. These are F16 fighting falcons and they are beautiful. They are painted red, white and blue and they look so good flying in formations. Props to all the pilots because that takes some serious skill.Hopefully next year we'll have another air show because I don't want to wait another three years!

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Melanie Herway said...

Jake and I saw an air show on our honeymoon just by chance and it was unbelievable! Glad you had a good time.