Sunday, June 14, 2009

Happy Birthday Pat!

I know this is not really Pat's birthday, it's a few days late but it's okay because Pat didn't even know how old he was turning, he thought he was already 28, turning 29! To help aleviate the confusion, Pat and I are both 27. Yes, I am four months older than him but really guys, we're the same age.

Pat had a totally fun birthday, despite Mother Nature's attempts to ruin it with rain. We had a great turnout of friends and family and a huge THANKYOU goes out to my awesome mother-in-law Joanne, my sister-in-law's Tiffany and Whitney and my friends Lisa and Dustin for bringing food for the festivities. I learned my lesson though - whenever you have a "bring your own meat BBQ" most people don't just think chicken or steak, they think of hamburgers and hotdogs and I better be prepared with buns next time! (I swear - whenever I go to bbq's I always have to bring my own stuff if I want a hamburger!)

Well, after the food, the skies cleared up. Originally, we planned on playing Ultimate Frisbee but made a quick game change to just about one of the awesomest frisbee games ini history - Steel McRad. This is a game from the ingenious minds of Pat, Johnny Etchemendy, Scott Barnes and Richy (I think). You'll have to ask them for the history of the game, I can only tell you it's just fantastic.

iLast years cake took about 10 hours to construct, I am happy to say this one only took about 3 hours and a REALLY messy kitchen! But it sort of looked like what I intended - a frisbee (Pat didn't recognize it, I think I cried). I just used a cake mix and added white chocolate pudding mix to it. The filling made it quite tasty - lemon buttercream. I even made homemade lemon curd to go in it!

To top the evening, we broke a pinata shaped like a film camera. No one got hurt and we all got candy! Thanks to everyone who came and made this birthday party special - hopefully we'll see you all again next year.

Pat, you are the greatest! Have a great 28th year.


Amber said...

You are quite the aspiring Pastry Chef. That cake was awesome. Happy Birthday Pat!

Melanie Herway said...

I looonnng to play ultimate frisbee again. Happy Birthday Pat!

Ang said...

Totally agree that if it's bring your own meat, you bring whatever goes along with it :) And, awesome cake, I'm so impressed.

Ang said...

And, Happy birthday, Pat, of course! Sorry :)

Logan and Emily said...

I'm TOTALLY impressed with your cake! It looks and SOUNDS amazing! Excuse me, I have to go make some lemon curd now. Happy birthday Pat!