Monday, April 27, 2009

Zion National Park

This weekend we went down to Zion to camp with our friends Wade and Bre. It was sooo fun to go down and camp and enjoy the outdoors. Friday we enjoyed a great dinner at Chilis - they have a menu with full meals under $7 now. Sure it's still expensive but you at least feel like you are getting a deal, plus the portions are smaller so you aren't completely stuffed and feeling like crap afterwards. Then we ended up staying at the family house in St. George because it was so windy at the campground.

We got up early on Saturday morning, made breakfast and headed out to Zion. We decided that Toquerville is a really nice place to live. Anna-Lisa thinks it's the perfect place to live - it's not in St. George and it's close to Zion. We found our camp spot, set up our tents and caught the shuttle into the park. We decided to hike Angel's Landing. It's a beautiful hike but it was really windy which made it a wee bit cold. Angel's Landing has a resting spot 2 miles up the trail. The last half a mile is a ridgeline with drop offs on either side. I have hiked this two times before but Pat has never been up there. We've tried once before, but it was in February and there was too much snow. This time as we were hiking and storm came in. It was a small storm but enough to wet the rocks and our friend Wade saw lightning. Pat made an executive decision to turn around. We waited out the storm at the resting spot then attempted the last .5 mile again. This time we made it and Pat finally got to the top of Angel's Landing. It's a fun hike but Pat was shocked that my mom has hiked it twice as well. The edges on both sides were a bit much for him. On the way down, he stopped at the port-a-potty (how did they get those things up there?) and foudn that they keep the wasted from the potty's just sitting up there in big black barrels, which were EVERYWHERE! Kind of gross, really, what if one fell over and started rolling down the trail?

We wished that we could have done more in Zion. There is so much to see and do there and it is absolutely gorgeous. This summer Pat and I want to go there a few more times and hit up the other national parks - particularly Capitol Reef and Yosemite (if we can just get the courage up for the incredibly long drive there).


Jos and Kath said...

sounds fun...isn't this PERFECT hiking weather??? (at least I mean springtime is perfect for it.. usually).

Melanie Herway said...

That first picture is beautiful!!! I can't believe they have port a potties up there now. That is really gross.