Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Boy's Trip

Over the weekend Pat and his dad took a trip down to St. George for a guy's trip with his Uncle Paul and Uncle Dan and their boys. They wore themselves out doing fun stuff in Zion National Park and around St. George.

On Saturday, they got up "early" for the drive into Zion National Park to hike Angel's Landing and a slot canyon named Keyhole. Pat decided that since he's already been on the ridge of death in the Angel's Landing Hike that he could stay at the 2 mile mark and enjoy the sights from there. He did see two peregrine falcons flying around which is pretty cool.

They didn't get into Keyhole until early evening so the cold hike with water was even colder because of the lack of sun. At one point, the canyon was almost dark (I told him that was NOT smart, usually, I'm the one making those silly kinds of decisions and Pat provides the voice of sanity!). Luckily everyone loved the hike, despite the cold temperatures and water. We've learned from past experience that those kinds of conditions can really turn some people off from canyoneering (Sorry Marse and Lance!). But I guess that leaves more of the awesome canyons for us, right?!

On Sunday, Pat, Jim and Paul took a bike ride up and back down Snow Canyon. For those of you who have never done this, I recommend it - it's absolutely gorgeous. Plus, a recommendation from me about bike-riding says something since I rank bike-riding up there with dogs (YUCK!). The scenery is spectacular. Pat got a little frustrated because he can really lead the pack on the way up the canyon but then, everyone catches up going down, no matter how hard Pat works.

That's all from the boy's trip. I might ask Pat to come make some changes since he actually went on the trip and knows more details!

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