Friday, April 10, 2009

A Night with Mootsie

Tonight Pat and I had the pleasure of taking Mootsie out for the evening. We had planned to take her out to dinner, then walk around taking pictures on Temple Square and go to The Testaments movie. We picked up Mootsie a little late so we cut the movie out.

We didn't really decide where to eat so we just started naming restaurants along the way. Somehow, we ended up at Training Table even though Pat and I really didn't want to go there! It's not the greatest food, the service is horrible because you pay as much as a regular sit-down restaurant but you have to get your own food AND leave a tip and it's just kind of dirty. The rest of the way to the temple we pointed out all the delicious eating establishments along the way. Kind of a bummer.

The rest of the night was really quite fun. Mootsie can make any evening a riot. As we walked into The Training Table, she greeted every baby she saw and we had to pull her away. At the temple, a couple was taking wedding pictures. We seemed to be always crossing their path and Mootsie always yelled out "Happy Doo!" We had to work really hard to keep her from crossing the street when the red hand was up, I told her she had to wait for the white man to blink. I was about to take a picture of her attempting to cross with the red hand but quickly stopped as Mootsie tripped on a grate and went straight down. Fortunately, all was well and we carried on our way.

Our favorite comment was when Mootsie asked, "What kind of car is this?" I replied, "This car is a Volkswagon Passat." To which she quickly said, "Well, I don't."

It was such a fun night talking with Mootsie and just walking around Temple Square. The blossoms are absolutely beautiful. I hope they don't all blow away in the next rain/snow storm!


Amber said...

Cute post! I was thinking we should all be contributors to the Patterson Blog and post are fun Mootsie Moments and funny quotes.

Melanie Herway said...

What a blast! I would love to meet this Mootsie. The Training Table brought all kinds of high school memories back. Fun.

Stapletons said...

Ha Ha!