Thursday, April 9, 2009

Welcome back to blogging

Yeah, its been a while since our last post. Its been an interesting vacation from the biosphere...okay not really. Since last we posted, both Anna and I have been super busy with varying activities, mostly school for me with a little work mixed in. I'm getting pretty stoked to graduate this semester and I am working the limp job market trying to find a spot that will be a good jumping off point for me and i have had a few good leads.

Anna and I went to St. George two weeks ago, it was nice. We went because it was Mom's birthday and also because Anna had tennis matches there. We played tennis, biked, ate and swam.

More recently, Anna and I had the best ski day of the year at Alta last weekend. sorry no was snowing and the camera would have been buried. Suffice it to say we had an excellent time.

Well, that's about it, we will try and be better at updating this thing. As a treat to blog stalkers and early adopters be prepared to see an entirely different post when anna (my editor) gets a hold of this post. Enjoy!

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Kristen said...

Anna B! You should have told me you were in St. George. I would have come and watched you play tennis! It looks like you had a great time though.