Friday, November 15, 2013


Does anyone think it's strange that at Snowbird, they celebrate Octoberfest in September?  Well, here's our own Octoberfest - we filled the month with lots of fun stuff!  Really, October was about as full and our December (if any of you know the Rich family, we fill December UP!!).  So, let this be your warning of a LONG post.

I found a whole folder of pictures of Pat's car at different angles on top of a mountain, and it wouldn't be fair to omit them so here's a lovely picture of the TLC (that's what I call it, Pat calls it a truck) on some rocks.

I really wanted to have a family outing to celebrate fall and Halloween (my favorite holiday) so we went to Cornbellys.  It's a corn maze - pumpkin patch at Thanksgiving Point.  Fun place, not sure of it's worth the $11 price tag.

We rode on a cow train, the little girl next to us completely butted in line (along with her family) so we got the last cow available and Millie had to ride on my lap.

There were tons of fun slides that Millie liked (there was no way she would try the huge one with the burlap bags, plus we didn't want to wait in line.  These were perfect.

This area Pat and Amelia played at forever.  The only way we got Millie away was by taking her to another train ride.  Watching Amelia climb up the ropes made me realize that two year olds can do a lot, and that she is not quite my baby anymore.

She had fun throwing the "corn" footballs.  I did too, in fact I was quite addicted to it and didn't want to leave until I throw a touchdown.  I could have stayed there for a while.  I was so close but never made it.

Millie had lots of fun!

Daphne did too!

Right after Cornbelly's, since we were in the neighborhood, we drove up to 5 Mile Pass.  I got my activity, now it was Pat's turn, but he was nice enough to pick some mild off-roading.  We drove to an old mine.

 This whole outing reminded me of being at BYU and going out to Nutty Putty Caves (though I don't think we were in the exact same area) and also one time when we drove out to an old mine like this one to drop some crazy stuff down it (I won't go into anymore detail since now I'm a parent and I realize how ridiculously stupid that was).  None-the-less, it brought back some fun memories.  As you can see, the girls had an awesome time!

I mentioned that Cornbelly's has a pumpkin patch, we did not buy a pumpkin there!  We did however take advantage of 9 cents/pound at Reams one evening and each of us picked a pumpkin.  To Amelia this was an awesome pumpkin patch and now, when I go there for groceries, she asks where the pumpkin patch is.

Then we took our pumpkins to a carving party with the Rich family.  It was so fun to join them (thanks Anne for organizing it and for your amazing apple cider).  Pat was the only one who really carved his, but that's okay! 

 Honey (Joanne) threw a great Halloween costume party with dinner, a fun story and games.

We had some scary costumes:

Some sweet costumes: 

Some "incredible" costumes:
 You classic Disney movie represented right here:
And my personal favorite:

 Here's the whole crew that dressed up (don't worry, there's more pictures of our Halloween costumes to come).
 We took a nice hike at the top of Guardsman Pass with the Lanes.  We wanted to hike to Bloods Lake but it was just too cold and that hike is really shady so we went on the other side.  Though it didn't lead anywhere like a lake it was really cool.  At the top, all the canyons converge; it's kind of confusing to see but really fun too.  Plus, Amelia learned a new word, anemometer and she can tell you that it measures wind (again, realization that my two year old isn't a baby anymore).

 And finally - HALLOWEEN!  YEAH!!!!  I mentioned this last year, Halloween has always been my favorite holiday (I love making costumes and dressing up) but having Amelia to Trick or Treat with makes it even better because she loves it too!  This year was no disappointment.  We worked hard to teach her what to say at each house, "trick or treat" and of course, "thank you."  So, at every house when the door opened she would say "trick or treating" (I loved it) and thank you and then on the way down the steps she would excitedly as if she could go trick or treating again.  

It was so hard to take this picture (I felt like one of "those" moms (no idea what that means!!)) but I REALLY wanted a picture of Amelia right before candy chaos!

Amelia LOVES trick or treating with her cousin Olivia, she practically pulls her from house to house.

Here's Pat - he's a sport for wearing the costumes I make him wear but doesn't he make a great Bert?!

Here's our trick or treating crew - Honey the Witch and her little dog too, Mary Poppins, Bert and the dancing penguins, and Tangled the movie:

I had been planning to be Mary Poppins and Bert since January but was a little hesitant to start making anything until after I had Daphne because I didn't know what size I would be, I'm glad everything came together.  I pieced together my costume, painted Pat's blazer, and made Millie and Daphne's costume from directions found here.

Here's the outcome:

And here's some photos of Pat (like I said, he makes a pretty good Bert right?) taken by our budding photographer, Millie:


Kristen said...

Oh goodness I remember nutty putty caves. I still have panic attacks about crawling down there! But then I get giggles thinking about how dirty we left Denny's! I love your costumes. You totally rock!

Sara Lou said...

Fabulous job on the costumes Anna! Millie looked so warm for Halloween too!