Sunday, September 29, 2013

Lots of stuff going on

Well I have posted sporadically and out of sink with time lately and I have no intention of stopping that trend anytime soon, so thanks in advanced for sticking around.  To start, I missed a few birthday pics June: Mine and Amelia's 

June 10, 2013 - Amelia 2, daddy 31. 

Amelia had some friends over, even some special friends from Spain!

And a few closer to home.

If Amelia remembers anything from her 2nd birthday, it will be her "pac a pac" that she got.  She loves it.

So moving on into July, since not much else picture worthy happened in June.

So since I've covered the 4th, on the 24th.  More BBQ, more backyard, more friends. 

It was wonderful to have friends and family and the new location gave a great view of the fireworks, especially with a nice slow shutter. 

On a sad front and keeping with the stress that this year represents, we said our final goodbyes to our beloved mootz.  I can't do mootzie justice on tired brain and in the scope of the post, so I wont try, but here are a few pics.  We'll see you later Mootz, glad your back with pop.

While Anna was pregnant Wade and I found a great trail to drive in the Unitah's in the murdock basin area

You can also check out the video here

And before I get to more pictures of Daphne, here are some great misc pics of Amelia, least you thought we forgot about them. 

and finally, some more pictures of Daphne

Hey, whats up?

In case your wondering, we're well...tired, but well.  Thanks.


Kathryn Higgins Osmond said...

It looks like your Daphne and Rue share the same crazy long finger genes. It's one of Rue's secret x-man powers those crazy long fingres! :)

She's beautiful. Everyone is beautiful. I love the blog posts. Wow what a summer.

Sara Lou said...

Love the pictures of Daphne! So glad we could share a birthday!