Sunday, October 7, 2012

Conference weekend catchup

Conference is a great time to catch up on the blog.  Its like writing home on P-Day, it just seems like the right thing to do, even if it is a pain to try to articulate.

So lets start with the current and head back

Oh summer, where did you go?

We went on a little walk in between sessions and it was pretty clear that fall is here and in force.  Though that's not a bad thing, its perfect for taking pictures and it gets me stoked for winter!  (pray for snow!)

Speaking of pictures, I would be interested in another photo contest if I can get enough participants this year.  Let me know if the comments if this would be of interest to you.

Next we will move backwards to Marianne's birthday!  Anna made this wonderful confetti cake that was AMAZING!  Seriously, soo good.

We had a good turnout, I guess it must be a fall thing.

Amelia loves cake, but not as much as she loves these mini popsicle

MMMM Popsicle!

This is Amelia at the discovery center on free museum day, she had a blast!

And now a bunch of pictures from my phone

Amelia loves buckets...a lot

She likes the idea of soda, but doesn't quite get it.

The same could be said for fries!  She loves fries though.  The little girl in the back is also named Amelia...go figure, doesn't her mother look proud of what she'd learned from our Amelia?  Also, We really don't feed her exclusively fries and popsicles, but peas and mac and cheese isn't nearly as much fun to get pictures of.

This is the Color run, it was a lot of fun, but I think that the dirty dash would be more fun.

This is a plank "bridge" over cottonwood creek near the mystery building im still trying to figure out.

I like the visual joke in this image...look closely at the warning on the bucket.  

Talk about a kid in a candy store!

This is pretty much a match made in heaven; Amelia loves to share food (more than she likes to eat it) and Poppy can use all the helping hands he can get!  What a team!

And then a few fun videos:  Amelia "dancing" - she just starting doing this move when we say "dance", I'm not sure where she picked it wasn't from either of us, we're discouraging dance so we don't have to sit through recitals, but darn if its cute.  And speaking of discouraged habits, here Amelia is getting honed into clothes shopping...sigh.

Well, see you in a another season when we update again!

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