Sunday, August 19, 2012

playing catch up...again

Since there is a lot to play catchup on, Im going to post retrospectivley as if I had posted on time.  Here is whats first

The 4th of July!  I know its not a very "4th" picture, but if you think about it, it kind of is.  Anyway, our 4th was pretty easy going this year, no bear lake, no Sandy fireworks...just a nice BBQ with the Harold and Renee.

At the end of the day we had some nice sparklers too

Be careful though, little hands can grab those things and they are still hot even after they go out!

Moving on to other festivities...the 24th!

This time we did go up to bear lake and it was beautiful!

I never get tired of that view when the lake is high

Even nicer at sunset!

It was a nice outing and the water was surprisingly nice, nice enough so that we could have have a couple of nice runs!

And we got to play with Ben's new toy, a 450 cc stand up jet ski.  I had ridden one once before a long time ago, but I had forgotten how hard they are.  it literally is like a ski, its only about 14 inches wide on the bottom and its not very [at all] forgiving to changes in balance.

Ben and I were starting to get it, but it was hard on the body, bruises and scrapes galore.

It was really nice kicking it with the family, but I'll be glad to have that new 2.5 ton HVAC unit working next time, so it wont be a constant 85 degrees upstairs where we sleep.

 It didn't seem to bother Amelia too much though.

Could this picture be more American?  no

We also had a lovely BBQ at the Osmonds that Sunday.   The cooler with Rootbeer was popular with the kids.  And the Italian soda bar with the Adults.

We also discovered that Amelia is quite the football fan, which is surprising given my interest level, but not so much given Anna-Lisa's  Check out that form!

You see that fake pass to run it in?  amazing!

Other fun and sundry stuff in the month of July:

We went bowling with the Lefflers

Which was great, we don't see the Lefflers enough.

We had a family friend come over and take some family portraits, and I took this with my camera too since we were all there looking good anyway.

And the Biggest July news, we moved out of our first home, our home of 5 years in search for the next thing in our lives.  We are renting our place out right now and hope to do so until the market recovers a little and staying at my folks to help my mom and dad out, as well as scoring free rent for the few months we will be looking.  As of this last week we put an offer in on a short sale, we should hear back soon if our offer was submitted over the other offers.  Fingers crossed!

If you talk to Anna-lisa about it, make sure to mention how great it is to be moving on to bigger and better things, and not about how she feels to be moving out of the house she has lived in more than any other house besides her parents house in Sandy.


Melanie Herway said...

Moving is never easy...and especially when you've got kids too and the memories tied to it. Even living in an apartment for only one year...I still had a tough time. I'm really excited to see where you guys end up though!

JC said...

Hey Anna-Lisa! Looks like you guys had a pretty fun summer too. I can't believe how big Amelia is getting! We spent 2 days in Portland - fun place, lots of weird people (I can give you a list of things to do if that's where you end up going) and we camped for a day in Tillamook Nat'l Forest. The coast there is beautiful! If I were you, I'd definitely go to Tillamook Cheese Factory if you're in that area. We drove down the coast and camped in the Redwoods too - also beautiful but in a very different way. Mendocino is always a popular spot in CA (but tends to be a little bit more pricey). Johnny says he'd recommend Carmel. If you have the time, you should just drive down the 101 :)

When are you guys going?